Smog Check Near Me

Smog Check Near Me

Smog check near me


smog check near me

smog check near me

1.  Never take a smog test on a rainy day for your wet tires can cause your

tires to slip on the dyno and possibly give your vehicle inaccurate readings

while taking the smog test.

2.  Should you buy a new battery or erase your check engine light by

disconnecting the negative side of your battery make sure you perform

a complete drive cycle on your car or you will automatically fail your

smog test. Once you have completed a drive cycle and you have cleared

your check engine light, for less than 5 dollars you can PASS your smog

test by purchasing “Smog Test Best Secrets” found below on this web page.

3.  Never take a smog test if your check engine light is on for that is an

automatic failure of the smog test.

4.  Replacing the gas cap on a vehicle is very inexpensive so you may want

to do that before taking the smog test for you will fail the test if your

gas cap is leaking and on some vehicle it can cause the check engine

light to come on.

5.  Adding fuel additives can help with cleaning and removing carbon

deposits in gas passage within your engine along with the engine’s

injectors so you may want to check with vehicle’s manufacturer for

their recommended fuel additive.

6.  Make sure you do a visual check on your engine’s vacuum lines and if

any of the lines are cracked, cut, or leaking it is best to replace them

for a vacuum leak will cause your car to fail your smog test.

7.  Replacing oxygen sensors will often turn off the check engine light and

allow you to pass a smog test however, given you could have 4 of them

on your engine it is best to have a Certified Smog Technician that is

authorized to do repairs to pull the smog codes on you vehicle to

possibly find the defective oxygen sensor that may be defective.

8.  Changing your fuel filter may help with your smog test especially if you

are not getting the proper fuel flow pressure to your carburetor or your

vehicle should it have fuel ejectors.

9.  Engine air filters are very inexpensive so you may want to buy a new

air filter before taking your smog test.

10. Make sure your water and oil are at the proper full levels before taking

your smog test.

11. Changing the EGR value as needed helps to allow your vehicle to have

the proper engine combustion and a faulty EGR value will cause your

vehicle to fail the smog test.

12. Make sure your vehicle timing is properly set by using a timing light

or have a mechanic check it before you have a smog check but only if

it is needed.

13. Changing the catalytic converter on your vehicle can be costly but a

new one will help limit the hydro carbons being emitted from your

engine during a smog test but given the cost of replacement it is best

to have a Certified Smog Technicians diagnose exactly what you need

to pass a smog test before you invest in a new catalytic converter.

PLEASE NOTE: This list could go on for awhile so I would like to keep it short,

and if you need more information on the above list, please check on-line for

your specific vehicle and your manufacture’s recommendations on the above

smog test tips.



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  • Smog Check Near Me

    Smog Check Near Me

    Smog check near me   1.  Never take a smog test on a rainy day for your wet tires can cause ...
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