philips hue setup

Philips Hue Setup – Vue Light

Last year we bought out first apartment in Prague and we decided to make it the best of the best in terms of light, furniture and functionality.

So after searching on the internet for light solutions we choose to go with Philips smart-bulbs.

Here are a few reasons why smart-bulbs are the best:

  1. They resist around 15 years
  2. They are controlled via apps on the phone (we’ll speak about that a little later)
  3. They never get hot
  4. They have unlimited color palette
  5. Party Lights !!! 🙂


vue light

vue light

I could really go on explaining how a room changes the “mood” once you add a few colors here and there, but I won’t because I want you to try it for yourself.

There are plenty of smart gadgets out there but Philips really make an unbelievable device. I attached a few pictures in which the scenes are present and believe me, give me 3-4 bulbs and your room and magic really happens 🙂

What you actually need is Hue Bridge (which supports up to 50 bulbs). You can connect it to the home network , set it up in a few minutes and assign the bulbs to it.

There are a lot of apps both for Android and for iOS which let you play with the colors and create all kind of assignments and scenes.

I have for example the following scenes:

  1. Relax – yellowish shade and orange, for late evenings
  2. TV – very low light, usually purple
  3. Focus/reading – strong light but still not white because my eyes hurt afterwards
  4. Mix – disco tutty frutty 🙂
philips hue setup

philips hue setup

The switch from Plilips is also awesome because you can stick it up on the wall and you can control different parts of the room with it depending on your mood.

That is of course when you don’t want to use the mobile phone to set it up. (I don’t always like to have the phone as remote control :))

We have as well two spheres in which we put these bulbs. Initially they were for outside (balcony or garden) but we let them inside . The good part is that even if we take them out it doesn’t matter if it rains or snows on them.

Another cool feature is that we downloaded on mobile an app that is called something like “Hue Disco” , it costs a few dollars and what it does is this: it records the music you have in the room and according to the beats it changes the colors on the lights.

I recommend using at least 4 bulbs to get a good party started 🙂 Our neighbors are probably wondering what is going on in our house 🙂

hue scenes

hue scenes

After one year almost of using this new devices we cannot even imagine how it was possible to live without them before. We have white walls in the house and when we switch the lights on in the afternoon it is just breathtaking.

Ah I almost forgot, there are as well light strips which you can buy. Two meters which you can cut with scissor and stick it under the bed or in the kitchen  (like in the picture above).

So if you want to set up the atmosphere in literally any situation (work, relax, entertainment or even gloom :)) you should try out these super smart bulbs from Philips because we bought them, tried them and since then we never looked back.

I have no affiliation with Philips or get paid to mention it. These bulbs are quite expensive if you want to decorate your whole house with them. You can check online the prices but if you can and have the possibility I strongly recommend to buy at least one and see what I mean.

hue party

hue party

I will end up this port with an opinion about general investments in the flat. My idea is “it doesn’t matter how much it costs to transform your flat into a home”.

Wish you all to have fun as much as I have when arranging and designing your house, because at the end you will remember the most how you build your crib and not how much you paid for it 🙂

See you later,


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  • philips hue setup

    Philips Hue Setup – Vue Light

    Last year we bought out first apartment in Prague and we decided to make it the best of the best in ...
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