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When many people place their homes on the market, they wonder why it takes so long to get sold. Making certain improvements will affect the resale value of the home and make it more attractive to buyers. If you are looking for classic home improvements that can get your home sold while allowing you to increase the asking price, you have come to the right place.

Modernize your kitchen. Do not make any changes that are out of this world. That is a pretty loaded statement, but it is very important. Everyone has their own sense of style and personal taste, but you should not do anything that is far out of the box. For example, it is nice to be creative when you are renovating your kitchen, but hanging a metal chandelier in there will make buyers run away instead of pulling out their wallets. Things like granite counters and cool backsplashes are more likely to win potential buyers over.

Add a second bathroom if you only have one. This is one renovation that may cost a bit, but you can definitely raise the asking price of your home if you do this. You can add a half bathroom or a full one, but keep in mind that a full one is worth a lot more. Even in homes that only have one bedroom, it is a good idea to install a new bathroom. Think about installing a dual sink since many buyers are more impressed by homes that have them. Making classic home improvements like this appeal more to buyers than things like heated floors and showers with five streams of water.

Paint the rooms in a nice, fresh color. Most people realize that paint is not very expensive and they overlook strange colors when they tour potential homes, but some people have a hard time doing this. It is difficult for them to imagine their furnishings in rooms that are painted in colors like chartreuse and hot pink. Even if you choose to paint your rooms like this, repaint them a neutral color before placing your home on the market.

Make the outdoor area a lot more appealing. If you have a large backyard, it should have a fence and decent landscaping. It costs a good amount to fence in a yard, but people with children and pets will be more likely to buy a home that has this. Patios are a big draw as well, so install one if there is room. If you have a back porch that is in disrepair, work on getting this fixed up. Many people look at the outdoor space as an extension of the home, so making it look better will give your home the boost it needs to get sold.

There is no magic wand that can take your home off of the market, but these tips are as close to it as you are going to get. While there may be a sizable investment associated with making some of these classic home improvements, the return you get will make it worth your while.

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    Home improvement warehouse

    When many people place their homes on the market, they wonder why it takes so long to get sold. Making certain ...
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