Forest App Iphone

Essential Iphone Apps – Update 2017

Essential Iphone Apps

In the following lines I put together what I consider essential Iphone Apps on 2017.

These are apps which I purchased or took for free but in general are “filtered” by importance and things that can give you.

Forest App

Forest is a very interesting app because it was recommended by my wife (Thank you :)) and initially I didn’t “see” the reason why it should take memory on my phone but after a few days I already understood. You basically choose a time frame (for example 30 minutes) and press Plant. What happens then is that you MUST not focus on anything else than your current activity and in case you get a call or sms or any disturbance, the tree will die and ruin your mood :).

If you get good at it you earn the following things: get used to concentrating for longer periods of time (instead of checking Facebook all the time).

You also plant visually exciting virtual trees with which you can impress your friends 🙂 Third and that is if you have a lot of points (by planting trees all the time) you can use those points to buy new virtual trees or… plant real life trees. That’s right, some money will go to people in South America or Africa and they will plant a real tree for you. How nice is that.

Anyway try it, it will help you a lot.

Forest App Iphone

Forest App Iphone

What the Song by Punicasoft

This app is used more often than I like to admit. I believe that I usually recognize at least 50% of the mainstream songs (because I use Spotify all the time), but this tool really works even in low volume songs, crowded environments (noisy I mean) and very very fast. It takes around 5 seconds to record the audio, process it for another 3 seconds and bam, song details + apple link to download (iTunes). How nice, right?

Of course you need internet connection to do all this but when you are in a shop and some song is playing in the stereo and you kind of feel the song will soon end, pop-up your phone, start the app and catch it from the air 🙂 I put some image below to get the feeling oh how it looks like.

It is really simple and useful. Try it for yourself and thank me later 😉


What The Song

What The Song


Philips Hue App

This is a very useful app related to the article I wrote before on Philips Hue Setup

You can download it from iTunes store, connect your bulbs and you are setup basically. You can see from the image below that you can create “rooms” , assign bulbs to it and even scenes.

Fun thing is to take a random picture from your library, pick a color that you like (from a tree leaves for example) and create super customized scenes for your room.

It makes miracles really. Also if you want to you buy the Disco Hue app, for a more party atmosphere.

Philips Hue App

Philips Hue App

Here We Go

Now HereWeGo (before called just “Here”) is the best of the best. We were lost in the forest and this tool literally saved our life because it knew the forest shortcuts.

All this with limited battery. What you need to do is download the phone country you are traveling to and what you get it not just streets but also things to do, places to see, ATM’s, parking, etc etc

Also it is updated every month (I think) so new things are added and it has even a 3d version of the major cities.

Here We Go App

Here We Go App


This is where the fun comes from. Initially I had a trial/free version which doesn’t let you choose the song order, or save songs for offline listening and sticks every 5 songs a commercial.

That didn’t took long because the Premium version of account costs per month like 2 Starbucks coffees so you know…

Now I can add 5 “Family Members” to my premium account and all of us could listen to what we like. Cool no?

The features of this app is that you can listen to unlimited music for the subscription fee. Make also playlists and has a very good artist database with smart recommendations.

So I strongly suggest to download it and see for yourself how awesome it is 🙂

Spotify - Essential Iphone Apps

Spotify – Essential Iphone Apps

So with this tool I would like to end this article. I hope you found it useful these essential Iphone Apps and give them a try, they are pretty cheap and now looking back I feel like I cannot live without them.

Until next time,

See you


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    Essential Iphone Apps – Update 2017

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