English conversation practice

English conversation practice

English conversation practice

english conversation practice

English conversation practice

1. When you watch a movie or television show in English, listen carefully to what people say to each other when they meet. They often use phrases that you have practiced. Observe how many phrases you can find during one movie or TV program.

2. If you are in an English-speaking country, go to a public place. In a restaurant, for instance, notice what the waiter asks the customers. How many ways does he/she ask what the customers want to order? Order your own meal using what you have studied.

3. Ask someone who’s studying English to work with you. Ask him or her to make false statements about any topic and correct it. Talk about the current news, movie plots, the stock market, etc. Any subject will do, as long as you have the vocabulary to discuss it.

Then do the vice-versa. The more you practice working with the language in different ways, the more confident you will feel about your ability to change it to suit your needs. Practice, practice, and practice often!

4. Make up a few more conversations using the words and phrases that you practiced. Think about your daily life. When would you use these phrases? You will make more progress if you focus on using your new language skills in ways that matter to you personally.

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For example, you might accidentally run into someone on foot or with a shopping cart. Maybe the other person drops something. How would the other person ask you to help him or her? What would you say to the other person? What phrases would be most appropriate for this purpose? Experiment with the phrases in different situations. Do you feel that you know how to use them correctly in any situation? If not, practice some more!

5. If you are living in an English-speaking country, try this. When you want to go to a restaurant or a store, call them on the phone first. Ask them for directions on how to get there. Practice with the expressions with the lesson you learned first so that you will be ready! If you are not in an English-speaking country, get a friend to practice with you. Take turns asking and telling each other where things are located.

6. Watch an English movie and then narrate out loud what happened in the movie. Put everything into the past tense. What happened? Who said what? What did each person do? This will give you lots of practice, and it can be fun if you choose a movie that you enjoy.

7. See if you can make up a few short conversations with gestures. Make a conversation about something that applies to your life. Thinking about a situation ahead of time, and practicing the phrases that you are likely to use, is a good way to prepare for real-life conversations. You cannot predict the entire conversation, but you can be prepared for what is most likely to be said.

8. One place where you often hear a lot of colorful expressions is on a televised sporting event. The next time you watch a tennis match on TV, or listen to a soccer game on the radio, see how many colorful phrases the announcer uses! Write them down. Then, imagine that you are a sportscaster, telling the radio audience about what’s happening during the sporting event. Write out sentences that a sportscaster would say, using as many phrases as you can. Then practice saying them, as if you are a sportscaster. (tips adopted from Berlitz)

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  • English conversation practice

    English conversation practice

    English conversation practice 1. When you watch a movie or television show in English, listen carefully to what people say to ...
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