Ham and Cheese Croissant Recipe

Best Croissant Recipes – Updated 2017

Best Croissant Recipes – Updated 2017

Garlic Croissants

The Job 🙂

If you love baking, being innovative, making cakes that look and taste wonderful, then this may be the job for you – do what you like to do. You will have a broad range of work environments to select from. As a pastry chef you could find yourself working in the local city bakery, a coffee shop in a tropics resort, the kitchen of the 5 star hotel, or perhaps a busy downtown lunch caf. Becoming a great pastry chef you obviously have to be passionate about creating exquisite cakes, pastry, breads or desserts. Being creative is a vital part of a pastry chef.

Creating desserts and baking isn’t just a production job – it is an art, one of the culinary arts in fact. To become an effective pastry chef you need to have lots of creative thinking and resourcefulness and, obviously, know your customers as well as their flavors. For that, you need to deal with the latest tendencies of your customers and be able to gauge their responses to your culinary creations. Aside from passion for the job, you need to be physically fit. You certainly have to be a morning person most pastry chef must get up early, a start time of three or four in the morning is very normal.
Ham and Cheese Croissant Recipe
You may spend the majority of your working day on your legs, so you’ll have to be physically fit and have resistance – pastry chefs are occasionally necessary to work extended hours. Working in a bakery or industrial kitchen requires team work. So ask yourself how well you may easily fit into as a team member. A team that at times to work in stressful conditions too. You’ll have to get along with everybody – your boss and the service team involved – so if you are a good people person with a great sense of humour, you will find it a whole lot simpler on the job.

To be a great pastry chef you may need good organizational skills and, depending upon the degree of the job, management and management capabilities. Your job descriptions chef may involve planning the menu and ordering your elements, perhaps even stocktaking and budgeting. As you advance in your career, you’ll find an increasing number of skills and qualification that you’ll have to acquire in order to meet the job requirements. Training: You may be lucky and have the ability to start as an apprentice pastry chef in an area bakery or restaurant.

The Recipe 🙂

The Appetite – take it! One way to start the day off on a great notice is to possess a sausage, egg and cheese croissants for breakfast.

Beautiful Breakfast

That’s an excellent breakfast on the day off or when you are on holiday. Hence bring a cup of coffee, the paper and an appetite. You’re going to need an appetite since this ain’t no quiche.


So get your cook on and let us make a sausage, egg and cheese croissant. The Sausage Fry sausage patties or links on the kitchen variety in a frying pan. Serve the sausage entire or chopped into smaller pieces. Best Pastry Shop

Now place the sausage aside while you make the other elements. The Omelet Make an omelette for the sausage, egg and cheese croissant on the kitchen range. Scramble the eggs and after that let them cook slowly without any further scrambling.

The eggs must be one piece when they are done cooking. Add to grated cheese, onions, mushrooms and chopped sausage whilst the eggs are cooking.


Don’t add the chopped sausage at this stage if you prefer the entire patty.

Try adding a dash of salt and/or pepper while the eggs are cooking.

The Serve Spread mustard on the in of the croissant to give it a bit added flavor.

Best Croissants In Paris

Utilize a spatula to place the omelette on the lower 50% of the croissant.

Put a sausage patty or links in the omelette and fold the omelette on the sausage.

Now position the top of the croissant on top and sprinkle shredded cheese at the top of the croissant.

You are ready to enjoy a sausage, egg and cheese croissant.




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  • Ham and Cheese Croissant Recipe

    Best Croissant Recipes – Updated 2017

    Best Croissant Recipes – Updated 2017 The Job 🙂 If you love baking, being innovative, making cakes that look and taste ...
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