5 Tips For Beautiful House Decorations

5 Tips For Beautiful House Decorations

Your house is not just a place to sleep/ eat and watch television, it is an extension of yourself and your personality. If your budget permits I strongly encourage you to invest in your home because you spend there majority of your free time and it totally worth’s it.

There are some tips and tricks, or call them important elements that if you follow and don’t just let to chance it will make a good impression overall not just for your friends and family but for you personally (Who doesn’t want to live in a cozy and trendy house?)

First thing first, get a peace of paper and write the below five items because they need to be “solved” a.s.a.p. In case you already took care in the past it is good maybe to renew them and put them in a different light.

So lets get into it and break things down !

       1. Dining table

The dining table occupies an important place in any home. While fitting a dining table, you should ensure that there aren’t too many porcelain cutleries aboard the table.

Too much clutter can increase the risk of them breaking. Choose to display your amazing collection of chinaware in a separate showcase. You can take them out for special functions. Purchase organic tea and dinner sets for additional exclusivity during important events.

Above is an example of a beautiful Italian marble dining table. from Skorpio Keramik. Even if this is the only thing you will have in the room it looks amazing and it is very easy to clean.

The design is flawless, the lines are sharp and the color is very peaceful. This is of course just an example but please pay attention to your dining table because it can break or make your living room.

Too big and is filling the room, too small and is just not enough. In combination with some cool chairs it can make miracles 🙂

       2. Curtains

Adorn your windows and hallways with curtains. They are more aesthetically pleasing than sturdy doors. They allow wind and air to pass more freely than doors. Interior curtains do the vital job of protecting your privacy with minimum hindrance. You can choose artistic curtain designs and clothing materials from a plethora of choices. Go for the ones that match your wall paint.

If you can match the curtain with another element in the room it gives the overall flow feeling that most flats lack.

Let me put it this way: the curtains will gather dust, air particles, fibers and if you have animals hair. So it is extremely important to clean them regularly otherwise your room may look like an old castle’s dungeon. The air quality in the room is also determined by the cleanness of the curtain so pay attention people with allergies !!! 🙂

Cleaning Tip: If you want to create the smooth feeling after washing add salt to the water, let them stay for around 10 minutes and then rince.

How ofter to clean them? Hmm I think once a month is enough and weekly you can brush it with the dust brush.


       3. Entrance decorations

Your entrance door provides the first impression of your beautiful home. Visitors will get a feel of the interiors inside. According to ancient traditions, installing a wind chime or a Bhandarkar near your entrance door will bring in pleasant tidings.

First impression is important, right? Lets make that count. It is the “Hello” you need to receive once you stepped in, the vibe should greet you and push you even further.

If the entrance is lacking any warm feelings the rest probably won’t impress much. So be careful on what decorations you choose for the hallway.

Maybe to begin get rid of the shoes (stick them in some small compartment) , add some flowers or a mirror and go from there, but keep in mind one thing: it has to have place for at least two people. Clothes hangar is good to have especially for guests (which won’t start opening your drawer and search for space to hang their jackets). There are some cool scandinavian designs which I think are good enough for any home.

I saw some houses which had bookshelves , other had toy boxes  and other just  a chair and a mirror.


       4. Bathroom accessories

Your bathroom accessories show the level of tidiness and freshness at your home. Dilapidated breed ground for infectious bacteria that can be the cause of various illnesses in your house. The overall air quality of your house will come down as a result. Choose clean and fresh bathroom linen for your washrooms. You can get many organic bamboo linens and hand towels from online stores selling organic lifestyle materials.

Feel free to try things out but the bathroom design and feel gets down to what you put and what you remove from it. If you own a separate room (like for storage) you can plant there the washing and drying machine so you’ll have more space for towels, robes or other stuff. The lights in the bathroom are very important and can be considered an accessory because of it’s customizing and placement.

There are special spot lights that point to the sealing and create the night stars effect where everything is dark (or just dim) and you see only moving planets or stars.

It is of course not for everyday but it is pretty cool to relax in the warm tub looking at the starry sealing.

       5. Gardens

A house that has a small garden is perfect in every way. You can allocate a small section of your home for organic gardening purposes. You can also use the concept of gift a tree for house-warming functions.

Balcony gardens are a thing now. Above is an example of such that looks pretty good. Of course it highly depends on the space available but in general you can make something very nice and cozy with standard size balcony.

Put some flower pots, some wood floors , maybe small rocks like in Japanese gardens and you are set. There are apartments that have very long balconies (surrounding the whole flat even) so you can try moving things a little and create the best possible arrangement.

These five home decor tips will help rejuvenate your home interiors. You can adorn the walls with organic decorative items easily available online from reputed retailers.

So until next time. Happy designing 🙂


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    5 Tips For Beautiful House Decorations

    5 Tips For Beautiful House Decorations Your house is not just a place to sleep/ eat and watch television, it is ...
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    5 Tips For Beautiful House Decorations

    5 Tips For Beautiful House Decorations Your house is not just a place to sleep/ eat and watch television, it is ...
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