5 fastest cars in the world

5 fastest cars in the world

Here is the list of world fastest cars in the world that will surely amaze you.  Although it is very dangerous to travel at this high speed you can imagine how much fun and adrenaline doze you can be exposed to while driving such a rocket 🙂 Us humans are truly pushing our boundaries in any direction and speed is something we are very keen on conquering.

Who knows, maybe in the future we will achieve even the speed of light, but until that moment lets go through our fastest cars engineers could create and daredevils could drive.


Pagani Huayra

Top speed: 230 mph

In the race of Fastest cars in the world this car having position 10 because of 62 miles per hour (0-100 km/h) in just time of 3 seconds. This car having Engine Mercedes-Benz with 6.0-liter(6,000 cc), V-12 engine produces 730 hp and 811 pound/feet of torque thanks in part to twin turbochargers engine make this fastest.

When it comes to price it is around 1.4 million dollars (last checked in 2015).

Lets speak about dimensions and other specifications.

The engine is a Mercedes AMG M158 V12 Twin Turbo with a Power of 730 hp like I mentioned before , topping the speed of 370 Km/h or 230 mph. For dimensions I can mention Lengh of 4.6 meters, height of 1.2 m and width or 2 meters (for two doors).

The Chassis is constructed with carbon fiber monocoque , with double wishbones suspension and carbon ceramic discs for brakes. The gearbox is a Pagani XTrac 7 speed Semi-Automatic.

All in all it is a super car 🙂



Zenvo ST1

Top speed: 233 mph

This car take place 9th position in the list of fastest cars in the world with the weight 3000 lb having the acceleration 0 to 200 km-h taking 8.9 seconds while 0 to 100 it take 2.98 seconds. This car having supercharged and turbo 6.8-liter (6,840 cc) , V-8 engine which generate 1,104 hp or (823 kW) at 6,900 RPM and 1,050 lb•ft of torque at 4,500 RPM.

Lets get into more details for the Zenvo and starting with the body and chassis.

Lightweight steel or aluminum monocoque chassis, full carbon fiber body, the engine is a V8 with a max power output of 1163 HP and a EURO 6 emission compliance.

The Transmission is a TSRSport 7 with a twin disc of 240 mm (carbon). The performance top speed reaches 375 km/h (but is electronically limited) and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds 🙂



Mclaren F1

Top speed: 240 mph

The commonly named car specially in car games and having the fastest car in real having the twin turbon engine V-12 with ‎6.1 liters( 6,064 cc) with S-70/2 engine.

The weight of car is 2,509 lb. . Doors on the vehicle move up when opened, and thus are of the butterfly type. The car having 97 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

Now about more engine details. It is a BMW manufactured V12 aluminum heads and block. It is no secret that one of the most time tested formulas in performance vehicles is to have high power and low weight. This is how McLaren F1 attained its low weight.

This is the first car to use a monocoque chassis made out of carbon fiber. In addition, other components of the car such as the body, interior, and all those other parts are made out of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, and Kevlar.


Koenigsegg CCX

Top speed: 245 mph

CXX was the third generation car. This car having the 4.7 L( 4700 cc) twin supercharged V-8 engine, capable of producing 795 horsepower (593 kW) at 7,000 RPM and 679 lb/ft at 5,700 rpm when CXX is running of OCTANE fuel. The acceleration of CXX from 0-100 km/h in just 2.9 sec and from 0-200 km/h just 8.75 sec which make this car at 7 in the list of fastest cars in the world.

2006 Koenigsegg CCX top car rating and specifications

The chassis is made of course of carbon fibre with aliminium honeycomb. The brakes are Ventilated ceramic discs 380 mm and wheels are Koenigsess forged alloy with centre locking.

The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 2 by the way.

Engine time: Koenigsegg aluminium V8 with twin Rotex centrifugal superchargers (178 kg weight)


Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Top speed: 248 mph

Saleen s7 having the engine 7.0 L(7000 cc) twin turbo V-8 with transmission of 6 speed (manual) and capable of 1000 horsepower.

The acceleration of S7 from 0-100 miles/hour in just 5.9 sec. his awesome and beast speed makes this at #6 in the competition of fastest cars in the world.

The chassis is 4130 lightweight steel and aluminium honeycomb composite reinforcing panels.

The interior was designed to be beautiful but also functional so it has the best from both worlds.

There are all these common features the cars have in common but each of them has it’s own personality and feel. Not everybody will have the chance of driving one in their lifetime but it worth’s to  know that they exist and that people will probably improve them with each passing year thanks to material research and science advancements.

Until next time,


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    5 fastest cars in the world

    5 fastest cars in the world Here is the list of world fastest cars in the world that will surely amaze ...
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    5 fastest cars in the world

    5 fastest cars in the world Here is the list of world fastest cars in the world that will surely amaze ...
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