Top 5 Best Cartoon Characters

Top 5 Best Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters have been with us since childhood, as we’ve grown older, they have still managed to bring all the good old times of laughter and absurdness even today. Out of all the numerous ones we still manage to pick our favorites and tried to enact as same as the ones in our real lives. These are our top five best cartoon characters ever :

1. Popeye

With his inflated biceps and nutrition, Popeye was known for prompting youngsters to eat spinach and do whatever it takes to impress his girl, Olive.

In fact the plot of the cartoon brings our character Popeye in a trio between him, Olive (Oyl) and Bluto, who is the kind of guy that always interferes and tries to steal the lady of the story.

Olive is in fact the only character that Popeye lets smack, since she is the only one he loves and would do anything for.

Another very important element in the cartoon is the overwhelming capabilities of his pipe. It is rarely used to actually smoke tobacco and more used as a periscope, or whistle, or rocket engine component.

The mastery of the pipe is not all Popeye can do, even though he is uneducated and lacks manners, he manages to find very ingenious solutions to problems he is confronted with or the Police.

One example is how he manages to find the evil doers by their footprints in the mud. Sometimes like Superman he becomes impossibly strong due to large intakes of spinach (his favorite energizer). He even demonstrates in front of world leaders his immense powers and strength.

Even though there is no ongoing story that the Cartoon follows there are repeating themes and motives.

In any case Popeye the Sailor is one of the most iconic characters of our youth and even great actors plaid his role (Robin Williams in 1980).


2. Pikachu

This little Pokemon can merely call his name and was one of the most cute and powerful ones, best friend of Ash.

Japanese born, Pikachu is a fictional manga character from the Pokemon series. It is really an unspecified creature raised and groomed by humans to fight other such creatures.

The owner, Ash can capture the Pokemons in some capsule device and release them for a fight. The cartoons are hugely popular and they became the face of console games like Game Boy or Nintendo.

The story goes like this: when Ash became 10 years old he wanted to have his first pokemon but due to some circumstances he is given a Pikachu which in the beginning is very uncooperative and basically doesn’t want to stay in his Poke Ball like all the rest of the creatures.

The events that followed (Pikachu being attacked and Ash savingx him) brought the two characters together and the friendship begins with the respect Ash gives to him. Later when Ash decides to set Pikachu free in a pokemon colony to live with his kind, Pikachu chooses to come back to his friend and master and follow him (still outside the Poke Ball ūüôā )

There are of course evil characters in the cartoon   (Team Rocket)that always tries to capture Pikachu to satisfy their boss.

The character Pikachu has been used in promotional toys in fast food chains like Mc Donalds, Burger King and Wendy’s.


3. Scooby Doo

The Great Dane’s “Ruh-Row” and sidekick is the most memorable anime character. Scooby Doo made us howl with delight!

His friends in the cartoon animated series are Fred, Velma, Daphne and Shaggy. In every episode they solve supernatural themed mysteries that somehow they encounter along the line. Ah by the way Scooby Doo is actually a talking dog so he gives clues on where and how the evil creatures do their biding.

In the end it is discovered that the monster is in fact a crooked character or a thief dressed in a costume.

During last forty years Schooby Doo show received two Emmy Nominations and even science guru Carl Sagan expressed his admiration for the show, mentioning that an adult version would be well received by public because of it’s skeptic approach .

Scrooby Doo show has actually a Guinness

world record for the most episodes of a cartoon series, followed by The Simpsons.

4. Mickey Mouse

One of the most craziest, upbeat and cheerful characters in animation. Fast forwarding to the present, Disneyland is today one of the most recognized places on Earth.

His White gloves, red pants and yellow shoes are iconic and the model for millions of toys ad accessories. As a character his first appearance was in the show called Steamboat Willie in 1928. What is interesting is that it was one of thee first sound cartoons.

Mickey by the way is the first character to have the start in the Hollywood walk of fame.

Mickey¬†was designed out of circles in order to make it easy for the animators to animate. Disney¬†believed that this design was part of Mickey’s success as it made him more dynamic and appealing to audiences.

If you love Mikey for sure you have the sam feelings about his girlfriend Minie, his dog Pluto and friends Goofy and the famous Donald Duck. Initially he was portrayed as a cheerful, friendly character but later the studio decided to focus less on that side and evolve the mischievous, adventurous side. Mickey Mouse is for most of the time brought to life by Walk Disney since he was the original voice of the character.


5. Doraemon

Doraemon and his gadgets give me much pleasure and I consider him the coolest character of all times. His uniqueness made him popular among the children.

With over 100 million copies the Japanese manga series is one of the most best selling in the world. The story goes like this: the Cat-Robot named Doraemon travels back in time from the 22nd century to present to help a boy called Nobita.

All is well until Nobita starts being bullied in school and gets bad grades. Usualy an episode consists on Doraemon trying to produce some gadget from his “pocket” and help Nobita but sometimes he creates even more issues in the process.

The story brings as well a friend called Shizuka Minamoto in which Nobita takes a romantic interest in.

The cartoon can be seen in various forms such as Manga, Anime (Television series), featured films and Video games. Plus even a musical called Doraemon the Musical: Nobita and the Animal Planet.


Many such characters have added colors to our childhood which still remains hidden somewhere inside us.


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