Fishermen's Bastion Budapest

Things to do in Budapest

Things to do in Budapest – trip 2017

It is end of February and time to see another capital. This time we choose Hungary’s wonderful Budapest.

We were here a few years back (just passing through) and  due to bad weather we didn’t have time to properly enjoy our first glimpse of the city.

But this time we said “Lets do a good job and take three days.” Our first day when we arrived in the city, helped by our HereWeGo app (which I described in another post here),

went to the Hop-On-Hop-Off , which is always a good thing to do first thing you do in a city. (Gives you the overall idea of what to see later).

  1. Parliament Buildings Budapest

Parliament Buildings Budapest

Parliament Buildings Budapest

We didn’t start exactly in this order because we actually didn’t know what to do first but I will make a list of things you definitely need to see when you are in Budapest.

So here it goes: Parliament building is a very clean looking peace of architecture (the tallest and largest building in Budapest). It is situated on the banks of Danube and is the most famous tourist attraction. When you are in the square and you are looking up you will have neckake for sure :).

One nice to know thing about it is that it contains the Holy Crown of Hungary.

2. Heroes’ Square – Budapest

Heroes' Square - Budapest

Heroes’ Square – Budapest

Heroes Square is the place to be. Looks 10 times better in real life compared to the picture and near it you can ice-skate with hundreds of other people.

While you are here you should check out “Hall of Art” as well. The collection there is breathtaking.

3. Gellert Hill and Statue

Gellert Hill and Statue

Gellert Hill and Statue

Get your bottle of water with you and some energy musli bar and get yourself on the hill.

In the morning you can see people  jogging and once you reach the top you will be rewarded with a view of Budapest that will remain with you forever.


4. Fishermen’s Bastion Budapest

Fishermen's Bastion Budapest

Fishermen’s Bastion Budapest

Fishermen’s Bastion is as well on a hill in Buda region and it looks so clean and new that you may think it was build yesterday.

In the tower you can have a coffee and admire the Danube. Pictures don’t do enough honor to the place.

I somehow imagine it being a gigant sand castle. 🙂

5. Buda Castle Budapest

Buda Castle Budapest - Things to do in Budapest

Buda Castle Budapest – Things to do in Budapest

Now if you are into art galleries check out the Buda Castle. In there there is the History museum as well as National Museum.

We visited just the National Museum where an impressive collection of paintings is in display. Religious ornaments and sculptures are as well present.

6. Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge (Szechenyi lanchid)

Chain Bridge (Szechenyi lanchid)

Last but not the least is the Chain Bridge, filled with lots of flags and guarded by lions. It is a crowded monument and you can look underneath at the passing Danube river.

All in all we were very impressed by the architecture of Budapest. It makes you feel the history and the sensation of being part of something grand.

Totally recommend the trip to the Hungary’s Capital and don’t forget to taste the local cuisine.

See you next time



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  • Fishermen's Bastion Budapest

    Things to do in Budapest

    ContentsThings to do in Budapest – trip 2017Parliament Buildings Budapest2. Heroes’ Square – Budapest3. Gellert Hill and Statue4. Fishermen’s Bastion Budapest5. ...
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