5 rock bands that ruled the world

5 Rock Bands That Ruled The World

Rock music, also known as rock and roll was developed in America in the early 1950s. It has been really famous since then. Many people collaborated together and formed rock bands to show their talent of “rock and roll”.

Even now this genre of music is very popular that there are many rock bands till date. But here we are going to talk about those five rock bands who ruled the world with their music during the ’90s.

So let’s check them out:


– This band had three members, Kurt Cobain who played guitar and was the vocalist, Dave Grohl the drummer of the band, and Krist Novoselic who was the base guitarist. This grunge band was formed in 1987 in Aberdeen, Washington and was known as one of the most famous grunge band. Their album “Nevermind” became very popular and their song “Smells like Teen spirit” also. The band was shut when Kurt Cobain committed suicide in the year 1994.


This popular band was found in San Diego in 1989 which consisted of Dean and Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz. Their vocalist was Scott Weiland until 2013 and later he was found dead in his bus in Minnesota after being fired. They released many popular songs. Their song “Plush” won the Grammy and their album “Purple” became the Billboard’s number 1 album in the same year.


James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Lars Ulrich, and Ron McGovney formed this American Thrash metal band in 1981 and named its as Metallica. Their album “Master of Puppets” was certified platinum and became the most popular heavy metals album. Their base player Cliff Burton was died on 27 September, 1986. The band released several albums and won great success in their career. Their fifth album called Black Album was certified 16x Platinum in US and their song My Apocalypse won a Grammy in 2009.


This is a funk rock band, founded in 1983. The members of this band were Anthony Kiedis, Micheal “Flea” Balzary and Chad Smith. Besides these three, this band had many different guitarists too. Two of their best albums are “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” and “Californification”. This band has won many awards and has a big fan following.


It was formed in California in 1987. This punk rock band includes Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool and Jason white. They also played pop punk and alternative rock other than punk rock. Their album “American Idiot” has won a Grammy for the best rock album. This band is very popular and has sold millions of records worldwide.

So these were the top five bands which rocked the world with their music.

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    5 rock bands that ruled the world

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    5 rock bands that ruled the world

    Contents5 Rock Bands That Ruled The World 1) NIRVANA 2) STONE TEMPLE PILOTS 3) METALLICA 4) RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS 5) ...
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