Why Online Television Is Taking Over Households – How Is The Internet Changing The Way We Watch Television

Never wait to watch your favorite television show again.  The internet is changing the way we look at television with new ways of accessing your favorite TV channels thru the internet.  Now you can watch any program, whenever you want.  Yes we do have DVR but, there are two problems with that.  First, you have to wait for the program to air.  Second, you have to pay for the service of having DVR in your home.  That’s forking over $40 to $80 dollars a month. 

The greatest thing about internet television is that for one it is streamed at high definition, it’s available at your request and gets this it’s absolutely free.  Yes Free for downloading your favorite shows online.  Some of the website do require having membership (a onetime fee) where you become a member but you have the access to view thousands of movies at your disposal.  Keep in mind you can watch online television anywhere in the world.  The only thing you need is a computer and internet and your unlimited access to internet. 

Personally, I’ve finally replaced my cable company for free online television and let me tell you it’s been great.  Never would I pay some company to provide something I can get for free.  Especially upgrades like High Definition channels, DVR feature and equipment that I don’t need to buy.  The only thing is the benefits of having extra cash especially in a depression like this one.  It took around six months for me to fully make up the money I spent on a new computer tower, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse.  Then the only thing I pay monthly is the internet connection that I’m still going to pay.

The best thing about having online television is that when my friends and family come over they can’t tell whether it’s cable or online streaming.  Everyone that arrives to my home assumes its cable television, to their surprise when I tell them its online television.  Of course at that point they ask me how I pull it off.  Keep in mind that I have a three year old that watches Disney channel all the time and is the number one fan of Mickey Mouse Club House, and she doesn’t miss an episode.  To better explain, we were on vacation in San Diego where my daughter wanted to watch cartoons and I wanted to watch the news.  Well we compromise and I got on www.hulu.com and www.dontpaycable.com .  She watched her favorite cartoons at nine thirty at night in the hotel room using their free complementary internet connection on my lap top. 

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