Unearth the Elements of Satire in Reality Shows with Überstar

In a seemingly puritanical country where deep sexual cravings, childhood secrets and inner jealousies are carefully hidden away in the closet, reality shows like “Sach Ka Saamna” and “Big Boss” are an indication of changing India where one can shed his own mask to display integrity and strength of an individual character in public. It means Indian viewers embrace global television trends and expect controversial subjects to be highlighted in such shows.

Considering an umpteen popularity of reality shows among Indian viewers, Vaughn Alaine-Marshall, an Australian author, harmonizes satire with controversial issues displayed on reality shows “Sach Ka Saamna” and “Big Boss” and develops into a humorous prose piece in his debut title, Überstar (www.uberstarthebook.com).

The idea of portraying ordinary people in reality shows seems to allow them to broaden their minds and avenues, which Indian viewers feel a life-time opportunity for them to earn money and fame. Today, Indian audiences are becoming far more acceptable who do not mind watching something that is real on television. In fact, a reality show upholds a modified and highly influenced form of reality, using sensationalism to draw viewers and soar TRPs. For instance, in the Indian version of “The Moment of Truth” i.e. “Sach Ka Saamna,” participants are left with utter embarrassment by asking confusing and conflicting questions about their personal lives, thus managing to attract quite a few eyeballs who want to know the truth. That is where Überstar is a must-read novel for those who love reality shows as it provides a pictorial description of satirical incidents occurred in a flurry of reality shows being dished out from every other Indian TV channel.

Vaughn Alaine-Marshall has depicted every minute detail of satirical elements occurred in both “Sach Ka Saamna” and “Big Boss” in his novel; the irony in using the buzzer in “Sach Ka Saamna,” conspiracy planned against fellow participants by a couple in “Big Boss,” and the role of hosts in these shows have been beautifully presented.

After receiving the highest readership reputation worldwide, the novel has entered the Indian market through Hendlin Books (www.hendlinbooks.com), a trailblazer in selling the latest upcoming novels, books, magazines and periodicals. So what are you looking for? Get access to Überstar (www.uberstarthebook.com) through Hendlin Books and take the taste of hilarious side of reality shows in India.

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