Top 5 most famous music composers

Music is one of the greatest innovations of mankind. Music crafts feelings of happiness,vigorness and energy inside human soul. Music has evolved into different forms throughout the centuries. It has several kinds i.e. Pop,rock,classical,punk etc. In the modern era, there are lot of music composers, who have made their mark in the music. We have made a list of top 5 most famous contemporary music composers.

Hans Zimmer

Hans Florian Zimmer, a German composer, is one of the most successful Hollywood music composers. Hans Zimmer has composed music for most super hit movies in last two decades. Hans Zimmer has created music score for blockbuster movies like Lion King(1994), Gladiator (2000), The Last Samurai (2003), The Dark Knight (2008) and Inception (2010).

James Newton Howard

James Newton is an American Hollywood music composer. James Newton Howard got overnight international recognition after his score for movie Batman begins (2005) became hit in the market. James Newton Howard has won one Grammy award in Dark Knight (2008) and has been nominated in more than 15 Grammy awards.

James Roy Horner

James Roy Horner is one of the most influential contemporary music composers. James roy Horner came in limelight, after the worldwide success of record breaking “Titanic”, which won him millions of worldwide fans and two academy awards. He also produced music for other hit movies like Commando (1985), Cocoon (1985), Aliens (1986) and Jumanji(1995).

John Williams

John Williams is an American born composer and pianist. John Williams is a highly successful music composer and he has won five academy awards till now. He has composed music for super hit such as Jaws(1975), Star Wars movies, Superman(1978), the Indiana Jones films, The Extra-Terrestrial(1982), Home Alone (1990), Hook (1993), Jurassic Park(1994), and first three Harry Potter  films. John William’s most successful effort was probably, his musical score for 1977 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which was selected in 2005 by the American Film Institute as the greatest American movie score of all time.

Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino is an Italian music composer, popularly known for his compositions for video games,television series and movies.He has created music for many successful movies i.e.  Mission Impossible III (2011), The Incredibles (2004), Star Trek(2009) , Cloverfield (2008), Ratatouille (2007), Up (2009), and Super 8 (2011).His music compositions for games include Medal of Honor and Call of Duty series. He has also worked for television ,his most prominent music creations for television are for series i.e. Alias (2001-2006),Lost(2004-2010) and fringe (2008-2011).

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