The Nanny Dilemma

If you are a human being, chances are you have had to hire a nanny at some point. But who is the nanny really? Is she a member of the family? This depends on the type of nanny, of course, as house nannies who spend most of their hours cleaning the house naturally form a stronger bond with the family, but even for temporary babysitters, what is their status in the household? The New York Magazine article entitled “The Nanny Uprising” details this dilemma beautifully – the article details the heartbreaking journey of Francois, who was verbally abused and grossly underpaid for her duties. Although she was mistreated, she did not leave the job until she was fired and called derogatory terms – she eventually sued her employers. Domestic Workers United is an organization dedicated to helping people like Francois in these tough situations, and promoting the rights and benefits of domestic workers in the United States and beyond.

Stories like Francois’ struggles greatly inspire Elite Sitter to take action against these abuses seen every day in domestic households. We believe that every nanny or caregiver deserves equal rights, severance pay, and all other benefits offered to normal workers. When Elite Sitter was first founded by Ilana Perlman around thirty years ago in a small office, it was founded on principles that promote caregiver safety and awareness. Although we have grown into an online database that matches nannies and needing parents, we have not stopped promoting safety and care for our nannies, as demonstrated through our extensive system of background checks and detailed profiles. Safety is a top priority when it comes to our caregivers, and we want them to be as fully informed as possible.

The former employers of Francois had tried to rebuild their relationship with their former nanny, to no avail unfortunately. At this point, however, it is difficult to mend things that are already broken. At Elite Sitter, we take care of our nannies to prevent these kinds of situations from happening in the future – after all, nannies are just like us and we are no different from them.

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