Reddit Post of a 18 Years Old Girl. She is asking for kuddos for her N-Count of 100!

Edit: People seem to giving vibes that they already know this stuff. They are already “aware”. You’ve already heard AWALT and *she is not yours, it is only your turn* 1000 times? Well, I am pointing my finger at you and I’m telling you that women are much more plausible than you think. If you spend at least several hours digging deep into this hole, you are gonna see what that means. This post shows you two *random* examples out of 100s.

You want to get redpilled in about… 2 minutes? There is a community on reddit. I go there once in a while to come to my senses. Everytime, it wakes me the fuck up and it depresses me as well unfortunately. You can see how women can be hidden sluts there, or proud sluts. That community shows you the reality, and actually shove it down your throat.

Let everyone hear the truth from the filth’s mouth. That’s why I made this post. I couldn’t stand to not let you know.

Post name:

> It took 2 years and 6 months but finally had sex with Guy #100. Can I be inducted into the Slut Hall of Shame?

Some comments I’ve picked:

> **That was certainly true for me. Left high school at 52, hit 100 right before my freshman year spring break, and hit 200 during the summer break after my sophomore year.**

Here is a branch:

1st comment:

> You’ve slept with over 100 guys and you’re 18 wow


> WIFEY MATERIAL!!!!!!! /S (-16 points)


> BANNEY MATERIAL!!!!! i’m not going to ban you but this is a crappy, shamey thing to say to a girl who’s feeling good about herself. We celebrate girls here. Don’t be an ahole, k? (67 points)

Can you believe that? I understand the demographics of the said community but it is just mind boggling.


Another post:

> A former serial cheater, a current hotwife. I have just fucked my 80th guy.

Random quotes from the post:

> College, I moved away from my small town and partied hard. Again – a nice front. Good grade, prim dress, but I ..lets say got into drugs and a music scene.

> I got into a serious long term, live-in relationship and we had a very active social life. He wasn’t as big, down there, as my first LTR from high school but he was a decent 6.5ish ..maybe 7? (inch) Who knows. **All I do know is that looking back, what transpired under him was cold and ruthless on my part. I was always ashamed of my actions, but I kept doing what I always did. I secretly liked it.**

> **And if I cheated before, I really cheated on this guy. I fucked all his friends. All of them. By the time we broke up, he didn’t have a male friend who hadn’t been with me at least once. Most of the time it was in heat of a moment at a party and we’d find some room to go sneak a fuck. Two of them was married and I broke up that marriage by accident.**

> I don’t know what it is. I suppose a combination of things. Those moments where a guy has lost control, his grip gets tight, some that don’t moan..moan, those that do moan .. moan louder. The thrusts are violent. They are deep and aggressive. It’s this moment I know I’ve lost the ability to consent..even if it’s a fleeting 10, 20 seconds. Once that pressure is about to be released in him into me, there’s nothing for me to do but lay there and take it. And I love it. For the heavy cummers that I can feel burst into me, or those moments where you feel his cock twitch inside – that whole situation makes me orgasm in of itself (mostly). And it’s usually the most satisfying orgasm I have during sex.

> Then maybe it’s the taboo of it all. Risking being naughty, dirty, risking consequences.

> And in my mind there’s something about being cummed in. I feel marked, owned (for the moment). I like that feeling.

> **I’ve never denied the reality of STDs, but I was younger and had an invincibility complex and frankly…got lucky. Nothing ever happened. Most guys I’ve slept with have cum inside me.** (out of 37 or she means 80)

> **So I fucked my husband to be – left my boyfriend for him. And honestly.. I fell in love. Deeply. This isn’t about romance so I won’t bore you with it but my husband is the most dedicated, loyal, insightful, thoughtful, empathetic, caring person I’ve ever met.** And it’s not just with me. I get the feeling all his best-friends growing up, were a lot tighter with him than most people are with their friends. I get that feeling about him and his exes. I see it with our pets. I see it with our child. **He loves intensely and in loved intensely. He’s incredibly intelligent, has an amazing way of cutting through the crap in life and focusing on priorities. And as cynical and malcontented as he can be with the world as a whole, he’s never lost the ability to be boyishly silly.**

You can imagine the rest. She cuckolds him and it gets worse.

A comment of the poster:

> I’ve always taken pleasure in everyone around me thinking I’m a good girl. I always have.

> **When I was in college, I studied hard, I dated monogamously but I’d cheat relentlessly – often with his friends. I got a joy at being at social gatherings and knowing I’d have fucked 1/4 (or more ) the guys there at one point or another, but few knew about each other, if any at all. I liked my bf not knowing (obviously) but I liked the whole front that I was ..essentially deplorable and no one knew except those who took joy in our time together.**

> Since my husband and I opened up, we’ve role played “cheating” and taken it quite far.

> I get a certain thrill at what our neighbors must think. I work from home and often a lot of my one on one trysts are guys coming over for my lunch break. Over the years there’s been quite a number.

> But when it comes to family, work, and my more adult social circle, I don’t fuck around. No one knows. And I can’t afford for them to.


I’m not a good writer. Feel free to write a better post than this. Men should learn these.

That community is not a niche. It is not a kink. It is a community of slutness. Slutness is spreading like mad thanks to Internet and Tinder and destruction of values.

And posters are verified, before you say its fiction. You can figure out by yourself.

And I’m picking sources randomly… you could find much more heavy stuff. There are still things that I don’t want to believe that happened.

Sources below. I can’t give links in any way. You can complete the links by yourself.

1. The reddit community: stupidslutsclub

2. Reddit username used to post the first thread: throw-away-01-15

3. Reddit username used to post the second thread: slutty80”>View Source

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  1. dr_warlock

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    Makes me sad to know I was too bluepill to see it during highschool and part of college. I was most certainly not in the ‘the club’. Where was I when these hoes were giving out free candy? Where was my turn for creampies child/STD free?

    Didn’t get access to one until I had one in my class group project. Was told stories about her. Didn’t believe them. Then I got my turn. It was an amazing several turns and even LTR’d her.

    Always wondered how losers could got the hotties, but then realized today, sex with hot girls after looks is mostly about proximity. Social circles, class, work, etc. Your first impression to her as a stranger is very different than what she thinks of you after interacting with you in close proximity on the regular. In addition, women’s feelings are confined to her immediate awareness. Attraction for women isn’t a constant, it’s relative. Women viewed me very differently during group projects or any other means that brings us together. No game is used. No flirting. Completely non-sexual, that’s how my first time came about. She felt attracted to me simply by interacting with me on a school project in which I normally take over do everything because I want it to be my perfect vision. I never flirt with girls in these situations, yet got much better results this way.

    You wonder why Chad the Waiter or Chad the Stoner are chads in the first place, this is why. **Masculinity in proximity over a the course of at least several days + decent smv (even without game) will trigger something in a woman she can’t explain and she initiates the ritual herself with flirting and touching**. Then you just move from there. Cold approach and the other material we talk about here is at most a compliment or compensation for this kind of interaction. Pure mathematics tells us most guys won’t be in close proximity to these women.

    This is much harder when you get older. You no longer have school forcing you together. People split off and you gotta form new networks. **Now your job determines the type of women around you**. STEM? forget it (you have to go out of your way to compensate). Hot chicks are in the Waitress/cashier/bartender scene, big city corporate america (NYC, DC, Miami, LA, etc), and trash collecting girls for construction sites (they don’t speak english). At least that’s all I’ve ever seen them. The guys that do the best with women are in the lower income brackets and obviously the rich and famous. Hot women are never middle class until after they marry. Poor hot chicks can’t leave the area and explore, so they remain, usually getting pregnant early for obvious reasons. Hot women that can leave and explore for college or other adventures start getting picked off by the porn industry and rich/famous guys in unofficial harems and sugar daddy deals to such a degree that it shifts what most men consider the normal SMV spectrum on a societal scale (most men have never seen true 8+’s). The remainder, who were sparsely sprinkled in each highschool, if present at all, now converge in nodes ( top party schools) where they pursue a degree that will allow them to enter big city corporate america where they’re surrounded by higher status guys. They get picked off some more. Those who wish to settle down for beta bux will return to the suburbs after the CC in the bar/club scene ~late 20’s.

    **If you want women, you have to shape your lifestyle such that you’re in close proximity to them on a regular face-to-face basis**. Otherwise, you’re limited to ‘game’ and cold approach, which is a sped up process of the mating ritual and is less effective. In highschool, be in athletics like soccer and football (no AP classes, easy electives). In college be in athletics or a frat and an easy major (hot girls do liberal arts and other bullshit). While a young guy, work in the bar/club/restaurant industry. You could prolong the low income jobs as mentioned in the previous sentence, but do you want to max out as Chad the 29 year old waiter just for pussy? After school (college age), go to the big cities (NYC, DC, LA, Miami, etc) and work in corporate america. Or you can choose to be a rapper, rockstar, business millionaire+, or famous criminal.

    Of course hot girls can be found in all sorts of areas in life, but this is an accurate picture. Outside of this path, you rely on luck, circumstance, or you have to go out of your way to be around them. Being good looking, making good money, cold approaching, and having nice style and cars isn’t enough (not optimally). Skinny tattooed, stoner Steve the bar tender partier will do better than you in quantity and quality. **If you want women, you have to shape your lifestyle such that you’re in close proximity on a regular face-to-face basis**. Men who slay, make sure they get this down.

  2. Darkistco

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    inb4 all the “this is an insane example, not all girls have that high ncount”

    yes, I’ve been saying it for a while. These hoes start at MIDDLE SCHOOL now a days. You’re lucky to find a normal 18 year old girl under 10-20 dicks. **So GET ALL THESE BULLSHIT POST ABOUT AN LTR OUT OF HERE** or keep doing it while you give her the resources she needs and we get what we need. Everybody wins 🙂

    yes let the comments flow “she’s an outlier, I’ve vetted my girl for red flags heavily!”

    awalt, she’s cheating already or will get bored in a couple years, tis the way of modern wymn. Let’s not make this sub any worse than it is promoting this

  3. DaBumpkin

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    People lie on the internet. Wouldn’t surprise me if many (or most) of those posts are from guys masturbating on their computer while typing that stuff.

  4. Conceited-Monkey

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    The SSC sub has a lot of content, but I swear most of it reads like bad fiction. While there are lots of girls with high N counts, most of them don’t write about it on Reddit.

  5. kez88

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    These are definitely still outliers. Womens average is going up, and women like this exist, but 100 by the time they’ve left high school is definitely still not normal. Normal is closer to 20 by the time they’re 20 or so in my estimate. It may not seem like much better, but meh

  6. russe1lwestbrook

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    Agreed with dude who asked what was the point of this post. This isn’t new or surprising, it only makes blue pill virgin betas angry that girls are fucking left and right and they aren’t getting any, and that girls in reality are like this contrary to what they think. Trust me I understand, it made me angry a first too. Funnily enough, I lost my virginity to a girl who cheated on her boyfriend with me. If this post helped newbies realize sex is much more prevalent than they think and that girls aren’t these asexual creatures then great, but most dudes who are even remotely successfully with women, with or without trp, know this already.

  7. TheBookOfSeil

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    Uhhh….. okay….?

    What exactly is the point of this post? A rant? Hating on women for being animals?

    Newsflash: these “values” that you speak of, only hold true for societies, and societies in which monogamy is the staple that holds it together. There is nothing really biological about monogamy, other than that it is consciously used as a safety mechanism to prevent extinction of a species. The idea gained popularity because of religion, when they insisted that “God” wants you to do this *this way,* when, really, its only use is to keep you going to work everyday, so you can pay your bills while the people at the top sit back and laugh at you for being so maleable and out of touch with nature.

    The reality, if this is really *the red pill*, is that people aren’t meant to stay together for very long. We have basic instincts, and only seek to satisfy them. That’s it. You eat, shit, sleep, and fuck. All of this abstract theory about feelings, and how to approach women, and all of the mind-fuckery that everyone engages in to satisfy those same urges, only apply to the system in which they were made. Well, I got news for you: the system is failing, so, if you can’t handle seeing nature in its raw form, I suggest you truly red-pill yourself and wake up.

    No more placebos.

  8. banjew

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    This is cience fiction. Some beardy guy writing porn, nothing more. It’s impossible to fuck ALL your friends. You always have at least one friend that let you know, and people talks.

  9. BestSC86

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    I am smart enough to know that you don’t take extreme examples from that sort of sub then try to pass that off to the entire population at large.

    rsex is a good example of that nonsense.

    It is like going to a nympho reddit, reading the stories and then claiming that every girl in the entire world is exactly like the girls you read there.

  10. empatheticapathetic

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    They have a game on there where they deflower virgins which I have to say is commendable.

    As long as you know they are like this there’s no need to further worry about it. Keep a certain distance, it’s what they prefer anyway.

  11. Lateralanouncer

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    I frequently openly talk about sex with girls and these numbers are not uncommon for a millennial slut (slut is just a word). I’m starting to really get red pill, there has simply never been a better time to be an Alpha fucks.

  12. michael_wilkins

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    you might like sluttyconfessions too, more of the same.

  13. 30fretibanezguy

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    Jesus christ the top comment of that post…

    “Congrats! You’re making the world a better place. 😀
    I took my wife on a lavish vacation when she hit 100. It’s a nice milestone.”

    No comment.

  14. michael_wilkins

    July 19, 2017 at 10:47 am

    [PSA: This is what redditors actually look like](

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