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Talk shows are the television programs where the hosts sit down with significant and well-known personalities, newsmakers, and other people, to talk about current affairs which may include all kind of contents including country affairs, media, fashion, entertainment etc.TV talk shows mainly focus on a conversation between the host and the guest. There is a huge variety of political shows on television in Pakistan, covering everything from everyday people to know about current affairs, almost about in every field and then publicize it.

Talks shows are now become significant part of our life because they can be informative and fruitful in every aspect for public because ordinary people can’t get a chance to conversation with well known political personalities and with other such personals belonging to media industry. So, talk shows make it easier for ordinary people to have full and wide view and info about all the affairs to which they are concerned to know. Live shows in Pakistan gave a wonderful opportunity to the public to ask questions from political leaders and the great personals of entertainment industry because majority of live shows gave the platform for public to ask and give their views. With the popularity of TV talk shows in Pakistan these shows broadcasts their live transmission online too so that people interested in political shows either they are the local viewers or the international ones can enjoy their favorite political shows wherever they are without any interruption of cable network and load shedding.

Talk shows in Pakistan:

Talk shows in Pakistan display different segments for audience regarding different aspects. Some political shows demonstrate entertainment contents some shows political affairs some gave a person some perspective on their own lives etc.

List of political shows in Pakistan:

Following shows are offered by different channels in Pakistan:

  • Capital Talk
  • Table Talk
  • Nadeem Malik Live
  • Face 2 Face
  • Live With Dr. Shahid Masood
  • Nuqta-e-Nazar
  • Inkaar
  • News Eye
  • News Hour
  • Off The Record
  • Indepth With Nadia Mirza
  • Faisla Awam Ka
  • Takrar
  • Bolta Pakistan
  • Kharra Sach
  • 11th Hour
  • 8pm with Fareeha
  • Mazrat Ke Sath
  • Kal Tak
  • Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath
  • Bay Laag
  • Top Story
  • On The Front
  • Aaj with Reham Khan
  • Mumkin
  • Bisaat
  • Rangey Hath On Jaag Tv
  • Khabar Se Agay
  • Faisla Awam Ka
  • 11th Hour
  • Pakistan Aaj Raat
  • Tonight With Jasmeen
  • Indepth With Nadia Mirza
  • Akhir Kiyon
  • Khabar Say Khabar
  • Syasi Theater
  • Live with Talat
  • The Right Angle
  • Top Story
  • Acha Lage Bura Lage
  • Pakistan Online with PJ Mir
  • Faisla Awam Ka

Top 12 Talk shows online:

Following are the Top 10 political shows of Pakistan which are seen locally as well as by the international viewers in a huge number:

  • Capital Talk with Hamid Mir on Geo News
  • Aapas Ke Baat with Najam Sethi on Geo News
  • 11th Hour with Waseem Badamiion ARY News
  • In Session with Asma Chaudhry on Dunya News
  • Crossfire with Mehr Bukhari on Dunya News
  • Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry on Express News
  • Jawab dey with Muhammad Iftikhar on Geo News
  • Khari Bat with Mubashar Luqman on Dunya News
  • Aaj Kamran Khan K sath on Geo News
  • Bolta Pakistan with Nusrat Javed, Mushtaq Minhas on Aaj TV
  • Off the Record with Kashif Abbasi on ARY News
  • On the front with kamran shahid on Dunya news

Sites which show online Pakistani Talk shows:



All the above mentioned Pakistani political shows covers the national and international level issues by inviting renowned and well known political figures from different Pakistani political parties and analyzes political happening. Socio-political issues are also discussed in these political shows. Some talk shows are not much liked by people because of due to his negative and biased views of political shows hosts about some of the political leaders.

Therefore, all kind of online political shows aims to familiarize different kind of audience about the current and recent situation in every field of life all over the world.

Some are greatly liked by people because the host discusses current political happenings in a very nice manner and known and liked by public for their unbiased and decent political analyses.

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