One Half-Orc, One Critical Zero.

>Be me.

>First time playing an actual campaign.

>Also the DM’s first time.

>Playing [Diana Kylgrev](–fantasy-characters-goblin-female.jpg) the Half-Orc barb.


>My party and I wake up in an old prison cell.

>We’re all chained to beds.

>Spend a minute trying to get out.

>I get bored and choose to try an break the chains.

>[MFW]( I break the bed in half.

>Party gets out & proceed to commit horrible acts on our drow captures.

>After ~~killing~~ fighting the drow we come across a sleeping bear in middle of a room.


>Party chooses to sneak past the bear.


>Have 9 dex and known by my friends to have HORRIBLE LUCK.

>My party and I make it about half way.

>roll a 7

>**I Drop My Maul**

>Bear stays asleap *bearly*.

>Dwarf fighter says to leave it.

>**A Barbarian Never Leaves Their Weapon Behind**.

>Go to grab it.

>roll a 4

>hand slips and i toss it another 10 feet.

>**Right Infront Of The BEAR**.

>think to myself “Ok one more try, it’s not like it could get any worse.”

>[Poorly Mistaken](

>Roll the dice.

>Nat 1

>it was a stealth roll.

>i have *9* dexterity.

>[MFW I Rolled A 0](

>Pick up my maul *and hit the bear in the face with it*.

>Bear is not happy.

>And neither is my party.”>View Source

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One Comment

  1. J-Wonder

    July 19, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Picking a fight the party doesn’t want and being a clumsy oaf? Yeah that sounds like a barbarian to me.

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