New Hip Hop Music of 2012

Last year ended with the same year-end list that every media publication puts out to document the best music of the year. With a new year now beginning, we’ll start seeing lists of the opposite nature: releases to look forward to of 2012, and more specifically, what new hip hop music should be focused on in 2012.

Unfortunately for Detroit horror rap group Insane Clown Posse, horror rap will never be a genre predominantly featured in most mainstream publications’ best-of year-end lists or in lists about new hip hop music to soon be released. But, perhaps that luck will change with Insane Clown Posse’s new hip hop music release, horror rap record Mighty Death Pop!

Although Mighty Death Pop! is not slated for release until May, it’s been garnering much buzz for about a year now. All new hip hop music from major artists like horror rap group Insane Clown Posse always garners a ton of buzz, but Mighty Death Pop! is different just because of its place in ICP’s career. While it may be new hip hop music when it’s released, it will be released by two rappers with a very old career in horror rap.

The guys in ICP who wrote Mighty Death Pop! have been making horror rap since the early 90s, and are one of few groups across all musical genres able to say they’ve been together for 20+ years. There’s no doubt that critics and fans will be watching when the Mighty Death Pop! is released to see if the old horror rappers have become soft in their old age.

Fortunately for them, making new hip hop music has never meant a change in their attitudes or musical styling. Unfortunately for them, with the advent of the Internet and a surprisingly robust music industry economy, The Mighty Death Pop!  will have to compete against more horror rap and general releases than it would have had to in 1991.

This is because the music industry is now so technologically entrenched that anyone with an Internet connection and half a brain can host their own musical creations on iTunes, and that includes all homegrown rappers that make new hip hop music.

On the other end, anyone with half a brain can figure out how to purchase something they find on iTunes. In short, Insane Clown Posse will not be competing solely against other horror rap groups for this release, but also against any artist that makes new hip hop music with an Internet connection.

That said, what types of mainstream acts will be releasing new hip hop music in 2012 that interfere with the Mighty Death Pop!‘s release?

There will be many new Hip Hop music releases of 2012, including but not limited to: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded by Nicki Minaj, God Forgives, I Don’t by Rick Ross, Good Kid In A Mad City by Kendrick Lamar, and Live From The Underground by Big K.R.I.T., just to name a few


Those are some pretty big players in the new hip hop music landscape, so it will be a litmus test for ICP to see if their brand of horror rap and Mighty Death Pop! can still compete. 

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