– Which Watches Do Celebrities Wear?

Today, many famous people have their own favorite Swiss Wristwatches

What meaning do these luxury wristwatches have in the life of a modern man? Is it a device for determining the time, symbol of prosperity, decorative purposes, necessity, or something else?

One can confidently answer yes to any of these questions! Wrist watches, pocket watches, diamond watches – is something that ads beauty to our lives.

Some people prefer the watch making tradition, history and magic of a manual assembly. Some people prefer the beautiful design and advertising image. Everyone chooses their own unique style for themselves.

Examples of the high social status may serve watches that stars wear. In the world there are many recognized watch brands, but only the most successful and worthy celebrities will become the advertising faces of these brands. And it is historically quite understandable – after all, the first invented watches were operated based on position of sun and stars. When measuring the time the position of stars had to be very precisely and in detail to know the motion of stars in different seasons. The data contained in star catalogs, maps and tables. The oldest and most elder star catalog Hipparcos Catalogue was compiled at the end of II. BC, in which data were available on the motion of stars in 1022.

Sometimes the celebrities themselves choose watch brands, and sometimes brand chooses a celebrity. Manufacturers and designers work very hard to create a certain model, since it must conform to the image and status of the star. Everyone knows that the Prime – Minister Putin s a fan of Patek Philippe brand, but also on his wrist were spotted watch by IWC. Pope John Paul II gave preference to Jaeger Le Coultre wristwatch. Famous tennis star Martina Higgins and Anna Kournikova gave preference to small but elegant models Omega Constellation watch and Epos.

Some people choose quartz watches, some mechanic, some designer diamond watches such as Aqua Master, Joe Rodeo, Techno Master and Freeze, others decides to put on his/her wrist a gold watch. No matter which watch you choose – we’ll be happy to assist you in your choice of wrist or diamond watches at

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