How To Identify Authentic and Fake Facebook Fan Pages ?

It is impossible that you have an internet connection and you don’t have a Facebook account . Yes you are right , it is impossible . It has become a trend that almost every new internet user creates a Facebook account after getting a new internet connection . Approximately 9 years ago nobody could not even imagine that it will become like a basic need of our daily life and routine . I think even Mark Zuckerberg himself did not know that Facebook will become famous all over the world . Mark Zuckerberg was a young and energetic guy ( Mark Zuckerberg is owner of Facebook ) and Facebook was like a new adventure type thing for Mark Zuckerberg and his friends . The idea was brilliant and unique therefore Mark Zuckerberg been successful in his mission .

Facebook was a 4 or 5 player game in 2004 but now Facebook has become like a giant in the world of social media websites . Facebook has 1.11 billion active and addictive users all over the globe , probably they cannot live without Facebook . Facebook has 4,900 employees . Its Google pagerank is 9 and Alexa global rank is 1 .  Facebook has become world’s number 1 website by defeating YouTube . Though the majority of Facebook user uses it just for entertainment , chatting with friends and family members and looking for new friends etc .

But if you are a businessman , freelance , blogger , webmaster , celebrity etc. And if you use Facebook well and in proper way then you will never needed advertise your skill or product and anything else . You can create a fan page on Facebook for free and you can promote your skill , business , product and website/blog , whatever you want .

Being a common user you can get the latest updates or news about your favorite celebrity , product and websites etc. through these Facebook fan pages . Initially it was very easy but now it has become very difficult . For an example , if you are Bill gates fan and you want to search his official Facebook page then it will very difficult for you because Many of common Facebook users have made a Facebook fan page on name of Bill Gates . It is difficult for the users identify that which one is original or authentic fan page of Bill Gates .

Facebook has now announced its new service to tackle this , This feature will differentiate between the authentic Facebook fan pages and the fake accounts been created by fans so that the users in search of an authentic page find what they are looking for without having any hassle in doing so . Now you can easily find your celebrity’s official and authentic fan page with the help of a blue indicator with a tick mark in it in front of all the official and authentic fan pages, distinguishing them from other similar fake fan pages .

Well I think it is a little bit late but so much useful and worthwhile step from Facebook administration .

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