How to Annoy People

The Stand and Stare Method. This method creeps out the people around you. As soon as a person gets in the elevator, regardless of what happens, just keep looking at them? If they say something to you, just ignore them and continue to look at them. For an added effect, you can even start giggling slightly. That will give them the jitters for sure.

Most people tend to get annoyed to others by their voice and the way they talk. Maybe that one you are irritated with just got a very boring outlook in life, or a close-to-stupid mindset. Or maybe because they just have plenty of irritating habits that they are too insensitive to notice. Examples are teasing, burping in tour face or talking non-stop. When you have spotted the root of the problem, then maybe you can work out what to do to be able to learn how to deal with annoying people.

Some people may be annoying because of their voices and how they speak. Some may just have an outlook on life that gets you down and irritates you like crazy. Others could just have an entire array of annoying habits–talking about their weekends relentlessly, burping in your face–that it takes everything you have to keep from throttling them!

Or, you might only want a place to park your car. But, while you wait for someone to move, you might end up remaining too closely to the back of his or her car while you wait for him or her to move out of it. Such thoughtless behavior could cause a person to feel rushed. Plus, it could make it difficult for them to move their vehicle. So, they could become very irritated by the time they are able to leave.

Another important aspect of learning how to persuade people about a topic is to know when to give up. You don’t want to be perceived as annoying to your opponent. If you simply keep annoying them when they clearly aren’t going to be persuaded you’re going to be less persuasive in the future.

Stick to the Facts: You can’t go wrong if you keep your argument based on the facts surrounding the issue at hand. It helps keep the argument objective and more distant which helps everyone keep their cool. Sticking to the facts helps the other person avoid feeling like it is a personal attack and the emotional reactions that often follow, which certainly helps you win an argument.

Social networking on the internet is like networking face to face at a party. You go to meet new people and make new friends, not to talk about what you do all day for a job. People go to parties to have fun and relax and forget about their day at work. However, if you meet new friends the conversation may eventually turn to what you do for a living then maybe it becomes ok to talk about it. Otherwise forget about it and have fun.

To manipulate people through hypnosis, play to the person’s weaknesses. If the person likes music, turn the stereo on but make sure the volume is just about right. The human senses have a certain level of receptiveness that tickles to his fancy and anything that goes beyond that level can be distracting.

Automatic direct messages are like, “Hi, thanks for following me. Looking forward to hearing from you!” These are the messages that you get as soon as you follow that person. They are very annoying and spammy. Instead, you should take a look at something interesting about that person’s site or Twitter page, and then talk about it with that person.

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