How and Why Holi is celebrated in India

Fagun spray splashes of fun … people singing and dancing, colorful atmosphere adds to atmosphere and put people on the streets seem to have fun colorful mirrored environment. Yes, this is Holi. Colors, food, drums and dance to the DJ’s, people celebrate Holi festival. Holi festival is celebrated from March 23 to March 24 will. Holi is an important Indian festival and iscelebrated in the spring.

According to the Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated on the full moon of Phalgun. This festival is traditionally called the festival of colors and is celebrated for 2 days. It is observed primarily in India and Nepal.Many other countries in which the minority Hindu exists, festival inhabitant are also celebrated with pomp and show. Bonfire is lit on the first day, which is also known as Holika Dahan.

The other day, the Dhulendi, or called Dhulivndn Dhurkel each other on the color, throw Abir-Gulal etc., drums by playing Holi songs are sung and every house is painted people. It is believed that the day of Holi, people forget the old enmity hugging and become friends again. A second round of coloring and singing lasts until noon. After this break, after a bath wearing new clothes in the evening to visit the home of each other, hugging and sweets feed. Falgun also says it is due to be celebrated in the month.

Vasant Panchami is the festival when Holi starts. Holi is the first time made the same day. The day begins with the song of Mo and Dhamar. Blooming mustard fields arises. Flower gardens are attractive hue enveloped. Plants, animals and humans are all filled with glee. Wheat fields show up a piercing look. Farmers feel happy with heart and their dance with joy arises automatically.

Kid-old all individual Rudiyhan forget everything and feel the beat of drums, cymbals Mnjiron be filled with dancing, music and colors. All around there is a burst of color spray. Manjari, including mango and sandalwood Holi food is great stature.

Holashtk Dhulandi from the Holi festival is celebrated with great pomp. Indeed, this festival is a festival in which the master-servant’s largest social cohesion, small and big, all forms of discrimination are eliminated. Holi is colored in the whole society.

In Holly dialogue rooted in mutual funny laugh joke. Panchmi spring seems to come as soon as the changes in nature. The days are shorter. Winter seems to be low. The autumn begins. Nature seems to be a new experience of drunkenness. Thus, as soon as a new vibrant Holi festival, the wave of renewed excitement and enthusiasm becomes visible. While on the one hand, social and religious festival of Holi is a festival of colors, too.

The festival of colors’ Holi falgun off as the full moon day in the month is celebrated. Fast music and drumming between color and water is thrown on each other. The country’s other festivals like Holi also signifies the victory of good over evil. According to ancient legend, the story of Holi Hiranyakashyap attached. Hiranyakasipu was a king of ancient India was like the monster. They wanted revenge for the death of his younger brother who was killed by Lord Vishnu. He prayed for years to get strength. But finally he was blessed. But Hiranyakasipu began to understand themselves and to the people of God, like God himself said to worship. The wicked king and they had a son named Prahlada was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu.Prahlada said his father never believed he continued to worship Lord Vishnu. Angered by his son for not worshiping the king had decided to kill his son. He said that he and his sister Holika, Prahlad lap to sit in the fire burning in the bonfire could not.

 Their plan was to burn Prahlad, but his plan did not succeed because Prahlada survived all the time and the name of Lord Vishnu, Holika was burnt to ashes. This necklace is a symbol of the destruction of the evil Holika. Then Lord Vishnu had killed Hiranyakasipu, but Holi’s story is about the death of Holika. As a result, some states in India on the eve of Holi as a symbol of the end of evil, burn Holi.

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