Greek TV Packages of DISH Network

The passion for international television entertainment always makes us crazy. DISH Network offers exclusive International TV programming from all over the world that includes Africa, East Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America and South Asia. DISH TV presents the best international programming in US than no other satellite TV provider has ever produced. Those who are eager to cherish some incredible international programs while staying in USA must select from over 200 International channels in 28 languages. Moreover, you can enjoy many of these channels in DISH Network HD mode. In order to subscribe for DISH TV International Packages, you must pick up from any of the Basic Programming Options that include Core, International Basic and Chinese Basic. In case of Core, you can add one or more International language packages to your current DISH Network package. International Basic is perfect for those who want International programming only including 20 channels for $10 every month, plus the option to buy additional International language packages. And the Chinese Basic is ideal for those willing to purchase one of DISH TV East Asian packages including 18 channels for $10 per month plus the option to buy additional International language packages.

If you are yearning to relish some amazing Greek programming on your television screen, then subscribe to DISH Network Greek Packages. DISH Network provides diverse programming of Greek TV and brings you the best in Greek TV entertainment. DISH Network offers its spectators the most comprehensive Greek entertainment package for an unbeatable price. You can choose from an extensive range of Greek entertainment that includes local and international news, sports, talk & reality TV shows plus Greek modern and classic films.

The excellent Greek TV Packages of DISH Network consist of Greek Antenna Pack, Greek Elite, Greek ERT World and Greek Antenna Satellite.


This Greek Antenna Package includes a variety of Greek Language channels that your entire family can enjoy. This Greek Packages features several programs on entertainment, sports, news, current affairs, soap operas, interviews, concerts as well as the most up-to-date and best music of Greece at just $24.99 per month. The channels included in this Greek Package are ANTENNA 20 YEARS CHANNEL (589), ANTENNA RADIO (911), BLUE (588), RYTHMOS RADIO (912), SUPER SPORT FM (913) and ANTENNA SATELLITE (605). The Antenna 20 Years Channel of DISH Network is the 24/7 Antenna celebratory channel that features the most successful Greek programming of all time. You can enjoy the greatest series, shows, talk shows and news from this Antenna 20 Years Channel.


Greek Elite adds to the great variety of Greek programs. This DISH TV Greek package presents the additional Greek language content provided by ERT World, NET 105.8, ERA-5 and ERA Sport at $24.99 per month. Greek Elite includes ANTENNA 20 YEARS CHANNEL (589), ANTENNA RADIO (911), ANTENNA SATELLITE (605), BLUE (588), ERT WORLD (603), RYTHMOS RADIO (912) and SUPER SPORT FM (913).


DISH Network Greek Ert World (603) is sponsored by Greek government. ERT World broadcasts top-quality documentaries, talk shows, children’s programs and movies. In addition, DISH TV ERT World delivers up-to-the-minute news coverage at just $14.99 per month.


DISH TV ANTENNA SATELLITE (605) broadcasts the latest news, soccer, movies, dramas, comedies and lots more 24-hours-a-day. You can enjoy programs such as Lampsi and Morning Coffee from this channel at just $14.99 per month.

Subscribe for any of these superb Greek TV packages and perk up all Greek enthusiasts in USA in a remarkable fashion.

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