Definitions of Some Music Genres

The choice of music differs from one to the other, except sometimes when a certain group of listeners have the same genre. Music genre is important to the music industry since it organizes the songs that are being released and it also helps in minimizing your research for a certain song. In the expansive distribution of music, there are 2 major influences, Oriental and Western.


For the Oriental style, the prominent genres are Oriental Pop and the Traditional Oriental. Asian pop music started to grow when students who studied in the West brought with them the influences of music from the West. With the outstanding K-pop or Korean pop song “Gangnam Style”, this genre has become more and more famous in the 21st century among the Westerners. As a result, this song has been dubbed as ‘a bridge to international peace’. For countries such as Pakistan and India, the songs for their movies are usually the simplest examples of fusion. Their film music is often based on traditional standards like compositions based on classic modes but are influenced by Western electronic instruments and rhythms.


The Traditional Oriental style can be traced back from hundreds to thousands of years ago. An example for this is the Indian Classical Music since its roots are traced to the Vedic era. Same goes to the Japanese and Chinese music traditions which can be traced back to the middle ages. These traditions focus on ensemble singing with stringed instruments.


 The Western Music has a lot of prominent genre such as Blues, Classical, Country, Jazz, Folk, Rock and Disco. Starting off with the Blues, this genre is believed to originate from the ‘worksongs’ of African Americans. They are built around the presumption of simple lyrics in a simple tune. It was usually played unplugged with acoustic instruments, but it gradually change in the 1940s with the entry of electrical instruments.


Classical type of songs from Europe is one of the oldest and still a surviving style in the modern age. It is categorized by eras like Baroque, Classical, Medieval, Modern, Renaissance, and Romantic. It can also be classified into several forms such as Cantata, Concerto, Orotario, Sonata, and Symphony which can be sung or played on several classical stringed instruments.


Country songs emerged in the early 1920s from folk songs of the Southern USA. Most of the early instruments used in this type were string instruments. Three-cord arrangement and simplicity of a song is an important factor for this genre, the same with the Blues.


Based on electronic instruments, Electric songs are one of the more modern genres in the world of music. It is mostly known in the form of Disco or House music and it gained its fame in the 70s-80s among the youth. The instruments used for it are electric guitars, synthesizers, and theremin.


These are just some of the vast music genres out there. It is not possible to enlist all of them since a music genre is added with just a slight change of style, presentation, and instrumentation as well. No matter what type of song you like, the only language you will be hearing is the music itself.

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