Celebrity Rehab Does Not Work

Getting celebrities mentally strong, focused and ready to inspire a generation. That is our role as those working close with these A list celebrities. Why is it that we keep seeing these celebrities in and out of rehab? The celebrity is obviously repeating the same behaviour over and over again. All human behaviour is based on patterns. So why do we still not stop these patterns? As I have stated in previous keynotes, our psychological patterns are like cd’s. You can remove negative cd’s and play empowering cd’s. So why do we not help our celebs make long tern changes rather than simply throw them in and out of rehab over and over again?

The challenge I have with a lot of the rehab clinics is that they’re not designed to really deal with the celebrity deep seated issue. They simply put the celebrity with other people who have also have an addiction and intend that if they cut off the connections to the drugs, they get better.

How many times does a celebrity transformation follow with ‘celebrity are back in rehab.


They don’t deal with the real reason that the celebrity is motivated to do the drugs, alcohol, sex addiction in the first place.

It’s like a leak from the bathroom tap. Therapy keeps mopping up the water off the floor until it’s bareable, and then when it overflows, it needs mopping up again. Fix the cause. Find out where the leak is, and fix it at source. This not only prevents the need for mopping but also streamlines the entire plumbing system water pressure.

There are two causes of addiction.

Cause for addiction No1. Once you get into the cycle, what’s addicting the celebrity is the neurological chemical attraction where your brain and your body is saying ‘I need it, I need it, I want it.’

Cause for addiction No 2. The thing that drove the celebrity to begin the habit was some other need that hasn’t been met or fulfilled – whether that need is to escape a pain or the need to actually feel something because they became numb from life and you can’t experience or feel anything at all.

So the other challenge and this is the same thing that happened with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan: they keep putting them into rehab but no one is really dealing with the real issue. Lindsay Lohan is reported to be spending $50k+ in rehab. If we base the results on human behavioural patterns the true issue will not be solved and the pattern will repeat.

Eventually, these celebrities are going to really hurt themselves, their loved ones and their career will be a distant memory. Take Charlie Sheen. His management say he has been emotionally disturbed.” They are propping him up until he really hurts himself as happened with Michael Jackson.

The root cause needs to be resolved. Not merely listening to.

The saddest part is that some of these celebrities have real talent. That is why I do what I do as I firmly believe and know these are the inspiration for the next generation of kids. Michael Jackson was extremely talented – have these people with their talent but their talent is eventually destroyed.

Until you heal the deep issues, not the drink but the driver for the drink, for the drugs, the behaviour will always repeat as you are not changing the neurology in the brain. That is you are not changing the patterns that run in your brain that cause this behaviour, which can be triggered from a childhood memory, a smell, or any other related stimulus.

How can these addictions be stopped?

There are a number that could be applied, depending on the requirement of the celebrity transformation. The internal framework of the celebrity and the intended outcome of the celebrity and all stakeholders, management, family would be taken into consideration.

The Drug of Choice Technique

I’ve used variations on drug issues, some serious, with great success. The process follows a set of step. Begin by asking the celebrity/client the first thing they internally notice when they use that alcohol, drug, then note its sub modalities.

You establish a sequence of steps. The brain always works to syntax. For example. ‘First it’s in my mouth, where it’s like this bluey purple tingly sensation, then it goes over my tongue, down into my throat where it starts to feel warm, then it hits my stomach and starts to transform and radiates waves of joy through my body, until in my head I feel lightness and power’.

Why do we do this? So we can create he state that the drug creates in the body, in the mind in our own way. We can make the client feel even better by remixing the criteria into something more enjoyable…without the side effects of drugs, alcohol.

Identity – I am a Non-Smoker

I love this approach. This can be so effective and so quickly. You can change the relationships of the sub modalities with the drug itself. I.e. you can get to a point where the clients link a different feeling to the drug. I had a client contact me just this week. She is now a non smoker. She considers herself: A non smoker. As I do and I have never smoked. She is not an ex smoker. She is not 4 months off cigarettes. In her neurology. She is now a non smoker. The shift has happened. Done.

The technique requires getting the celebrity to access a state which feels even better than drugs. Get to that point, and you’ve got leverage for other changes.

Celebrity Drug Pharmacy

This one kicks it! This strategy that can be applied to the celebrity though depends on their current state and levels is to get the celebrity transformation through creating an “inner pharmacy”. What is this? In short, the body can create chemicals of massive highs (and lows). We can use strategies to create any “brain drugs” they may perceive as needing. We actually get the client to create the painkilling dose needed, and this is the key part, “built up to the appropriate level,” and then take them through a process to “mentally inject the flood of endorphins” into their bloodstreams.

The world renowned Deepak Chopra has stated that this process can work just fine. Even long-term sufferers could learn to “produce highly-effective pain-relief on command.”

Chopra says, A group of twenty adults – people who’d been hooked on cocaine, alcohol, diazepam (Valium), or heroin, either alone or in combination, and for five to twenty years – and taught them the same technique: close your eyes, build up a massive dose of endorphins, then release it into yourself worked for Ms Silvers.

For Chopra, it’s purely an example of the brain being instructed by the mind.

The drug of choice relies on copying the STRUCTURE of experience. The syntax of sub-modality changes which leads to the “high”.

The Identity process relies on changing the celebrity client’s internal and external representations of self, which is relatively straightforward but extremely powerful. My first client, changed their entire life, ridding of hang ups about external factors such as looks, money, and internal drivers around adoption, self, the full hit using this technique. That client was me.

The Drug Pharmacy technique is an awesome approach making the use of NLP embodied metaphors, which is very powerful if implemented to a high standard.

As I always state, I am a massive implementor of NLP and have massive respect for the likes of Bandler etc. The key I have found is conditioning the change after the initial rewiring. Condition, Condition, Condition the change, then the celebrity transformation will be sustainable and lasting. Not a quick 3 week stint in a rehab clinic.

I firmly believe we all have the power inside to make any change ourselves. This can be done and will be done!

Your true magnificence, that depth in your soul that resides under the years of crappy conditioning. That is where your power is.

If I can be of assistance, you want to make that change, you know what to do. Simply contact details are on the page.

Change happen in an instant.

Live strong, make it happen





Andy Whitehead

UK’s No 1 Alignment & Transformation Coach.

Congurency -> Alignment -> Transformation = Massive “Sustainable” Success

The Coach to UK Celebrities, Public Figures & International Sports People

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