Atheists Increasingly Share Quotes and Memes to Express Themselves

Social media platforms are being increasingly used as forums for expressing their view points by a growing number of atheists. They make use of quotes and memes either to convey their opinions to the public or to provide an outline related to a debate.

It is not without a reason that social media platforms are getting filled not only with quotes, but also memes which are very cleverly shared. In fact, it is for the same reason as to why motivational quotes are being made use of in office cubicles and why companies have their own motto. The bottom line is this: quotes are very helpful in connecting with like-minded people and generally people appreciate when their personal beliefs get reinforced in an intellectual manner. 

Many of the brilliant quotes are terse and to the point. Therefore, they are very easy to memorize as well as repeat whenever it is required to do so. It is the human brain’s ability to retain brief sound bites as well as clever phrase turns that these renowned quotations take full advantage of. These quotes can be recalled from memory easily and repeated to those people who really appreciate them as many times as people want to. 

In addition to that, the quotes provide people with a means to connect with other people. A couple of people who know a quote very well often can establish a common ground to kick off more conversation between them. Moreover, people are less willing to accept a stranger’s view point than the valid argument that a person they know and trust offers. 

The ability of the quotes to provide great thoughts in a nutshell is by far the best value that it offers. There is no doubt about the fact that it is a challenging task to put beliefs, thoughts and emotions in words and that too in a concise form. What is more challenging is to create the quotes in such a way that others find it not only easy to understand, but also interesting. People find it easy to express their thoughts and beliefs with clarity by borrowing the famous words of other people. Moreover, quotes often serve as the starting point of all kinds of conversations irrespective of whether they are motivating, humorous or thought proving. Many a time quotes serve to remind people about what they care for and that many other people around the world are also thinking like them.

If you happen to come across a quote relating to atheism, religion or God that you find to be appealing as well as interesting, think of sharing it with those people in your life whose opinion you value a lot. You will most likely be surprised to note the quality of the conversation that it can often lead you to. At the very least, it will give you an opportunity to have a better idea about the beliefs and thoughts of people around you in this world. This can provide you with extremely valuable information.

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